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This spring, I’ve been working on starting and stocking a new Etsy shop. I’ve tried this before, focusing on clothes, and it did not really fly. I’m hoping I learned something from that experience and perhaps I can make it work this time. I’m starting with sofa cushions rather than clothes. I’m having a great […]

An Addition to the Flock

My daughter is going to gymnastics camp this summer for a whole week, so she will need a couple more leotards. She wanted a purple leo with a hummingbird, so I worked this one in reverse applique. The ground fabric is a sparkle stretch, and the bird is a stretch velour. For the pattern, I […]

The Meta-Knockoff

Lately I’ve been all distracted and have let my blog fall by the wayside, but I’m still here and I even have a project to show off! A week or so ago, when I was a bit adrift about what to sew, I read this post on Carolyn’s blog about her project using a lace […]

Luxury for the Trenches

Ta-Daaa! Just in time for the holiday party season, my new trench! I really love it. The fabric is silk duchesse satin, which is a beautiful fabric to work with. There are many good reasons why silk duchesse satin is a staple of luxury evening wear. It tailors like a dream, you can mold it […]

Disheveled Finery

I’ve just embarked on yet another of my epic projects. This one is a trench coat influenced by a Nina Ricci dress worn by Carey Mulligan in Vogue. The dress is silk satin with screen printed roses patched onto the fabric. It found its way onto my sewing room wall, and now will become a […]

Winter Wonderland

My older daughter wants snowflakes on the sleeves of her holiday dress this year, so I appliqued some for her. The photos are of the flat pieces that are not sewn together as a dress yet.

Evening Coat — Front Applique

Here’s the front applique for my evening coat. I pinned it together at the center front for the photo; eventually it will have snaps. I like the way it’s coming along. For some detail on how I did the applique, check my previous post.

Evening Coat Applique

Here’s where I am with my evening coat project. It is made of 2 colors of silk satin, with appliques of the opposing color. The photo above is of the right front piece, which has the appliques placed. I took some photos of the light-colored applique so you can see the process. I started by […]

And One for Me

So that thought about wearing a cool mask while handing out candy on Halloween really took hold in my imagination, and I made one for me. The colors are a little different: blue with the orange rather than purple. I took some photos of my process this time, as well.

Empress of Zooble Land

My daughter will be the first zooble-based superhero! She designed the dress herself, as evidenced in the drawing above. She seems to like my interpretation. I fashioned the star out of outsized paillettes. The zoobles are reverse applique. I’ve been a little off buying fabric lately, but I had no knit fabric on hand to […]