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This spring, I’ve been working on starting and stocking a new Etsy shop. I’ve tried this before, focusing on clothes, and it did not really fly. I’m hoping I learned something from that experience and perhaps I can make it work this time. I’m starting with sofa cushions rather than clothes. I’m having a great […]

Sequins of Doom — Conquered!

Way back in 2013, I started a sequin coat that defeated me for a while. It sat in a bag on my sewing room floor, occasionally casting disapproving looks my way. Then, several weeks ago, I decided to give it another try. When mulling over my technique, I decided that there might be a way […]

To Keep Warm

My husband mentioned last weekend that he would like a fancy scarf to wear to work. Apparently, everyone in his office wears Burberry scarves. He wanted something along those lines, but not so mass-produced. This scarf is necktie silk on one face and cashmere on the other. I put a small embroidery of a polar […]

Disheveled Finery

I’ve just embarked on yet another of my epic projects. This one is a trench coat influenced by a Nina Ricci dress worn by Carey Mulligan in Vogue. The dress is silk satin with screen printed roses patched onto the fabric. It found its way onto my sewing room wall, and now will become a […]

Hostess Gift

. These embroidered tea towels are always extremely well-received, which makes me want to keep making them. This one is for the hostess of a party that I’m attending today. She has a lovely house, and she is very proud of her gardening, so I included some greenery in this one. I have not posted […]

Sequins of Doom

Right after the fall shows in February, I fell in love with a Louis Vuitton coat that’s made with a menswear fabric and cut like a mans coat, but with ombre sparkle at the hem. Me being me, I decided to make something similar for myself. I had some fabric that would work, and a […]

Camp Talisman

My older daughter goes to sleepaway camp for the first time next week! I made this doll and sent it to camp along with a letter so she’ll have it when she arrives. It’s a bit like a paper doll, but made entirely of fabric. It’s mostly silk, with cotton tulle overlaying the skirt and […]

A Second Layer

The latest dress I made, sleeveless and wool, may not be the most practical garment. I made it sleeveless because the fabric is so thick and the dress so close-fitting at the shoulders that sleeves would have been too constricting. But, well, where I live it is nearly always too hot or too cold for […]

Pile of sparkles

This is the mess on my table from cutting out my current project.

Bug Skirt

To wear with my Pattern Magic Top, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary. Alexander McQueen did a bee theme for their Spring 2013 collection, which got me thinking about bugs and how cool they are. I thought it would be fun to screen print bugs onto a skirt to wear with my […]