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The Caftan Caravan

Now that I have this awesome caftan, I really need to build a time machine to go back to the 1970’s for a cigarette, a cocktail, and a key party. Or maybe I’ll just watch “The Ice Storm” again. This is actually my second caftan. My first is more of a wintry garment of rayon […]

Striping the Sheers

Here’s my latest make! It’s Vogue 1301, in black silk organza and black nylon lace, lined and trimmed in pink silk twill. It should be great for warm weather socializing. I started with the pattern, then looked in my closet for fabrics that would go with it. My initial thought was to make it with […]

The Meta-Knockoff

Lately I’ve been all distracted and have let my blog fall by the wayside, but I’m still here and I even have a project to show off! A week or so ago, when I was a bit adrift about what to sew, I read this post on Carolyn’s blog about her project using a lace […]

Layers and Layers and Layers

Originally, this textured silk gazar fabric put me in the mind of a cocktail dress. It’s been in my stash for well over a year, but I could never really get my head around making a fancy dress that I might wear once or twice. But recently, I looked at it and thought about what […]

A Little Bit of 40’s

When I saw this print fabric, I immediately thought of a 1940’s style dress. It may be the color scheme of the print that put me in a WWII mood. The print is really lovely; it is a floral print on top of a floral brocade. I just love fabrics with a lot going on. […]

3 Shades of Menswear Skirt

It’s a skirt! I’ve been obsessed with the fall fashion mags, as I am every August, and menswear seems to be a big trend. I happen to have some menswear because I bought a wool bundle from last fall, so I brought them out and picked some to mix together. The brown was actually […]

A Second Layer

The latest dress I made, sleeveless and wool, may not be the most practical garment. I made it sleeveless because the fabric is so thick and the dress so close-fitting at the shoulders that sleeves would have been too constricting. But, well, where I live it is nearly always too hot or too cold for […]

Pattern Magic Weaving

This outfit came into my mind when I was perusing my fabric closet. I like to make something new for Patternreview Weekend, and I think I will debut this ensemble there. I made the top following the directions in the book Pattern Magic 1. That book is just so much fun! I used 2 different […]

Pajama Party

Nice pajamas have been on my to-sew list approximately forever, but somehow I am only now getting around to them. ¬†Our family summer vacation will be at a resort where I am fairly certain that, at least once, I will wind up bringing the kids to breakfast while feeling a little rough from the previous […]

Denim Patchwork

If you are a person who has a limited appreciation for wacky clothing, you might want to click away right now. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OK, now that they are all gone, here it is! This skirt formed […]