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Angel Wing and Unicorn Mane

This sweatshirt started when I picked up the latest issue of Ottobre at my local Barnes and Noble. A Facebook friend of mine posted that they are selling Ottobre at B&N now. I want to encourage this kind of thing, so I went there and bought it. One of the patterns in the mag is […]


Here I am, off on a fashion tangent again. This time, it’s spats. I really thought, when I was making these, that I would never even wear them outside the house. I thought they would be too costumey. But now that they’re done, they seem to fit in really well with my wardrobe. This probably […]

Melton fun

This is a project that I have been planning for a while. It all started during a shopping trip to the Dover Street Market in NYC in the summertime. I had been to the DSM in London, but the New York outpost was new to me, and it has some covetable merchandise. And the staff […]

Winter Wonderland

My older daughter wants snowflakes on the sleeves of her holiday dress this year, so I appliqued some for her. The photos are of the flat pieces that are not sewn together as a dress yet.

Bug Skirt

To wear with my Pattern Magic Top, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary. Alexander McQueen did a bee theme for their Spring 2013 collection, which got me thinking about bugs and how cool they are. I thought it would be fun to screen print bugs onto a skirt to wear with my […]

Baby Steps

An evening coat has been on my to-sew list for about as long as I’ve been sewing. I have always dithered about it because it’s such a big project that it’s hard to motivate myself to do it if I have no where to wear it to. However, I’m going to a black tie event […]

Ready for Fall

The weather is starting to be a tiny bit chillier in the morning, so it’s a good time to plan the fall coat. I spend a lot of time walking, so an impressive coat is a great thing to have in the winter. For months at a time, I will be wearing a coat during […]

Unusual Source of Inspiration

My younger daughter has designed a dress and commissioned me to make it. She would like the skirt to have zoobles on it. In the photo above, the actual zooble is in the middle, surrounded by my reverse applique-and-sequin depictions of zoobles that will go on the skirt. I made the wings out of sheer […]

A Commission

My older daughter has been drawing pictures of dresses lately, and I thought it would be fun to bring one to life. Her birthday is coming up, and this will be her present from me. All the fabrics are from my fabric stash, which, combined with my dye stash, worked pretty well. The bodice is […]

Plaid Dress

Here’s my latest project. I see a lot of plaid on the general public when I’m out and about in London, so I’ve been mulling over how it would be fun to wear it. There’s some plaid fabric in my stash, but somehow it just did not speak to me. The idea of a whole […]