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Another Take on the Hummingbird Leotard

Summer is really sapping my blogging energy! I try to blog about most of my projects, because it helps me remember what I made, what patterns I used, etc. But, at this point, there’s a bit of a backlog. The leotard from this post is less-than-ideal fit wise. I copied an existing leotard, and apparently […]

Winter Wonderland — Complete

Here’s the Winter Wonderland Dress for my older daughter! I first blogged about it here, but then got a little sidetracked. But now I’ve finally finished it in time for her Winter Concert. She designed it herself and sketched it using my Fashionary. I added the white belt because I hate waistline seams, and, to […]

Festive Crafting

This year, the younger generation chose to be a hummingbird and a vampire for Halloween. The hummingbird needed light-up wings. I got the supplies at Goodwill. For the hummingbird, I got a pink shirt, pink trousers, and sheer purple for the wings. Sheerness is an important quality for the wings, because I added long, skinny […]

Wild Animal Holidaywear

This dress kind of shocked me with its Christmas-y vibe. When my daughter asked me to make her a dress influenced by a Versace coat that she saw in Vogue, the coat did not look to me like holiday wear at all. It just looked cool. I was very surprised at how “holiday” the dress […]

Wild Animal Dress In Progress

Here’s the mostly-constructed bodice on my daughter’s dress. Even though the velvet fabric is a woven, it has quite a bit of stretch, so I’m doing some of the construction on the serger.

More Stephen Sprouse than Wild Animal

My 7-year-old daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was reading September Vogue and saw a Versace coat that she just had to have. It was a black-and-white stripe fur with a black-and-red dot fur trim. But, she said, “I want it as a dress”. I gave that some thought, and realized that I […]

To Make Her Happy

My daughter has a pair of favorite trousers. I bought her trousers in this style when she was 2 years old. She wore them until she was 4, when I found a “new” pair for her at a tag sale in the identical style, in a size 8. I hemmed them and pulled in the […]

For the Most Elegant of Trenches

My daughter likes her new coat! As I mentioned in the previous post, I made a trench coat for her out of this fabric when she was five. She is now nine, and was still wearing it up until a couple of weeks ago. Since she obviously appreciates it, and I had some more of […]

A Little More Room

Round about 3 1/2 years ago, I made a couple of silk trench coats for my kids. The 5-year-old that I made the larger one for is now 9, and I noticed last week that she is still wearing it. The sleeves are let down all the way so the seam binding is showing, and […]

Camp Talisman

My older daughter goes to sleepaway camp for the first time next week! I made this doll and sent it to camp along with a letter so she’ll have it when she arrives. It’s a bit like a paper doll, but made entirely of fabric. It’s mostly silk, with cotton tulle overlaying the skirt and […]