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This spring, I’ve been working on starting and stocking a new Etsy shop. I’ve tried this before, focusing on clothes, and it did not really fly. I’m hoping I learned something from that experience and perhaps I can make it work this time. I’m starting with sofa cushions rather than clothes. I’m having a great […]

Cranberry Silk Blouse 2.0

. A little while ago, Kathleen at Fashion Incubator featured one of my Etsy items in her Refine My Line series. I got some great suggestions, and had a lively debate about hem pressing. Most of the suggestions were the kind that made me think, “Of course. Why did I not think of that?” Here […]

Better Photos

Today I took the iron, the smocked dress, a corset, the backdrop, the tripod, and some red lipstick and recruited 6 yo dd, who is home sick, to take better photos of my smocked dress. This is the result. I am making progress toward better photos. The dress is still for sale on Etsy

Don’t Panic

Ever since I ordered my Ipad, I have been wanting to make this cover for it. The reference is the Douglas Adams book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The book that the book is about has “Don’t Panic” written in large, friendly letters on the front cover. I made it from polyester fleece with […]

Another Etsy Item

I just listed this dress on Etsy as a made-to-order item. Click here for the Etsy listing Click here to see the original blog post

White Corduroy Jacket – Take 2

. Here is the jacket that I made to list on Etsy.  I took a lot more care with the photos because I hope to convince someone to buy it.  I actually took a whole set of photos, then scrapped them and re-shot.  I think these are acceptable, but still not perfect.  Unfortunately, you can […]