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Way back in 2007, I started this blog as a diary of my sewing projects. I still love looking back at old posts and seeing clothes that I had completely forgotten about. Often, I’ll see something that makes it back into heavy wardrobe rotation after being on the back rack in my closet for years. […]

And One for Me

So that thought about wearing a cool mask while handing out candy on Halloween really took hold in my imagination, and I made one for me. The colors are a little different: blue with the orange rather than purple. I took some photos of my process this time, as well.

Empress of Zooble Land

My daughter will be the first zooble-based superhero! She designed the dress herself, as evidenced in the drawing above. She seems to like my interpretation. I fashioned the star out of outsized paillettes. The zoobles are reverse applique. I’ve been a little off buying fabric lately, but I had no knit fabric on hand to […]

Unusual Source of Inspiration

My younger daughter has designed a dress and commissioned me to make it. She would like the skirt to have zoobles on it. In the photo above, the actual zooble is in the middle, surrounded by my reverse applique-and-sequin depictions of zoobles that will go on the skirt. I made the wings out of sheer […]

Handmade Bernie

In case you live under a crafting rock and you don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s a link to the Handmade Ryan Gosling tumblr

Girls’ outfits

My sister commented that the outfits are a little strange, with Chinese-style jackets over tutus. My first thought when she said that was, “That’s not strange at all. That sort of look was all over the spring Comme des Garcons collection.” But then I realized that not everyone looks to avant-garde Japanese designers for tips […]