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linen and lace

This pattern was so hard to sew. Who drafted this pattern anyway? Oh, wait, it was me. And, in case you were wondering, shoulder seams are really useful and not at all extraneous. No, you weren’t wondering? It was just me, then. And now I know. It looks kind of nice though. After a hanger […]

The Meta-Knockoff

Lately I’ve been all distracted and have let my blog fall by the wayside, but I’m still here and I even have a project to show off! A week or so ago, when I was a bit adrift about what to sew, I read this post on Carolyn’s blog about her project using a lace […]

Tweed and Satin and Lace, Oh My (part 1)

A few weeks ago when I was browsing my fabric closet, this tweed cashmere and black lace kind of jumped out at me as the perfect fall ensemble. Then later, as I was searching out trim for the jacket, I saw that I had some teeny tiny scraps of brown duchesse satin for the trim […]

Lace and Ruffles and Bows, Oh, My!

Sometimes, when I finish a project, I wonder what I was thinking when I thought this would be something I would wear. Then again, sometimes the strangest garments turn into basics in my wardrobe. I tried this dress on with virtually everything I own, and I think it looks best with regular black trousers and […]

Jolie Laide

. My Aunt Millie was a little old lady of Sicilian descent who possessed a fashion sense as exhuberent as it was questionable. She never looked boring. She would have been all over this mint green lace blouse. So am I. Sometimes, you just need a piece that’s so ugly it’s cool. I have been […]

Pioneer Woman Dress

I’m calling this my Pioneer Woman Dress. It makes me feel like I’m on a wagon train heading out into the unknown. The full, swishy skirt is my favorite part. I made this lace cardigan to wear with it, which perhaps detracts from the pioneer vibe. I love mixing textures, and I also love the […]

A Black Hole

Well, actually, two black holes, one per sleeve, and many lavender holes.  The lavender fabric is something that I originally purchased for my kids.  I bought a lavender and a purple, thinking that they would want dresses that were a little different, but they both chose the purple.  I made these dresses.  The fabric was […]

More Clothes with Holes

Opacity is so yesterday. The fabric for this blouse came from Jo-Mar in Philadelphia. A couple of other sewing bloggers bought the same fabric. As I recall, there was more demand than supply. A girl fight nearly broke out about it, complete with scratching and hair pulling. I should have been the bigger person and […]