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Variation on a Shirt

I’ve been thinking about shirts for spring, and am looking for a slightly more casual take on the classic shirt. I’ve seen some interesting use of contrast out and about from designers, and thought it would be nice to try it. Looking in my fabric closet, I did not seem to have any shirting fabrics […]

Luxury for the Trenches

Ta-Daaa! Just in time for the holiday party season, my new trench! I really love it. The fabric is silk duchesse satin, which is a beautiful fabric to work with. There are many good reasons why silk duchesse satin is a staple of luxury evening wear. It tailors like a dream, you can mold it […]

Wild Animal Holidaywear

This dress kind of shocked me with its Christmas-y vibe. When my daughter asked me to make her a dress influenced by a Versace coat that she saw in Vogue, the coat did not look to me like holiday wear at all. It just looked cool. I was very surprised at how “holiday” the dress […]

For the Most Elegant of Trenches

My daughter likes her new coat! As I mentioned in the previous post, I made a trench coat for her out of this fabric when she was five. She is now nine, and was still wearing it up until a couple of weeks ago. Since she obviously appreciates it, and I had some more of […]

Stop Me Before I Shirt Again

My shirt compulsion continues. The inspiration for this shirt is a photo that Shams pinned to her Pinterest page. I thought it was cool. Then I thought, “I could do that.” The pattern is from The Book of Mens Shirts by Ryuichiro Shimazaki. This is the third, or possibly fourth, shirt I have made with […]

Feeling Shirty

My current mood is causing me to be a bit obsessed with the shirt. This black silk one should be a useful addition to my wardrobe. While I was making it, I pulled out 5 or 6 other fabrics from my closet to make more shirts with. The pattern came from Book of Mens Shirts […]

Pattern Magic Weaving

This outfit came into my mind when I was perusing my fabric closet. I like to make something new for Patternreview Weekend, and I think I will debut this ensemble there. I made the top following the directions in the book Pattern Magic 1. That book is just so much fun! I used 2 different […]

Pattern Magic detail

Here’s a preview of my current project, a top from the book Pattern Magic

Seersucker Sheer

This shirt is all about the fabric. It’s a seersucker that alternates opaque and sheer stripes! How amazing is that? I used a very simple camp shirt pattern so the fabric could really shine. The pattern came from a Japanese shirtmaking book by Ryuichiro Shimazaki that I bought a while back. Initially, I was thinking […]

Crazy print

When we go fabric shopping as a family, more often than not my kids will get completely overwhelmed by the selection and make less-than-satisfactory choices. An exception to this rule seems to be the fabric department at Ikea. Perhaps because their selection is rather limited compared to a full-service fabric store, my kids seem to […]