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Here I am, off on a fashion tangent again. This time, it’s spats. I really thought, when I was making these, that I would never even wear them outside the house. I thought they would be too costumey. But now that they’re done, they seem to fit in really well with my wardrobe. This probably […]

The Semi-Annual Slipper Project

Every couple of years, my slippers start to fall apart and I need to make a new pair. It’s a pretty quick project, especially compared to the countless hours I used to spend trying to find an acceptable pair of slippers to buy. This year, I made more of a ballet-slipper style, which is a […]

2 Banana Peels

. My slippers are probably the item in my wardrobe that gets worn the most. They are on my feet constantly the entire time I am in the house. About a year ago, I drafted a slipper pattern that works for me. I made one pair that was a little too tight, then got it […]