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Pint-Sized Flapper

This dress looks SO MUCH BETTER than I ever thought possible. My younger daughter picked the fabric at Spandex House. It’s a nylon-lycra with strings of sequins hanging off the fabric. My daughter likes her fabrics to be as over-the-top as possible, and this definitely qualifies. I bought 1 yd of fabric, and tried to […]

Unusual Source of Inspiration

My younger daughter has designed a dress and commissioned me to make it. She would like the skirt to have zoobles on it. In the photo above, the actual zooble is in the middle, surrounded by my reverse applique-and-sequin depictions of zoobles that will go on the skirt. I made the wings out of sheer […]

The Big Reveal

After all of this buildup (10 blog posts detailing my progress!), I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m not. I love it! Embroidery! Beads! Color! Dye! Quilting! What’s not to love? So, for those of you who are just joining us, this project is based heavily on a current-season Isabel Marant jacket, the Weez embellished tie-dye […]

Embellished Jacket Progress 8

I’m still chugging along with the beads and trims. These bugle beads at the center back look kind of creepy and cool.

Spring Preview

Today it is supposed to be over 50° (15°C) for perhaps the first time this winter. I feel personally responsible for this heat wave, since I have just finished the springiest of spring dresses. It is green. It is linen. It has short sleeves. It even has a bit of purple. If it were any […]