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Baby Steps

An evening coat has been on my to-sew list for about as long as I’ve been sewing. I have always dithered about it because it’s such a big project that it’s hard to motivate myself to do it if I have no where to wear it to. However, I’m going to a black tie event […]


And One for Me

So that thought about wearing a cool mask while handing out candy on Halloween really took hold in my imagination, and I made one for me. The colors are a little different: blue with the orange rather than purple. I took some photos of my process this time, as well.

Formalwear — The Beginning

My husband and I have been invited to a black-tie wedding on New Year’s Eve. Since I have so much time to work on the dress before the event, I figured I would go out on a limb a bit with my dress. If it does not work out, I have plenty of fabric to […]

Ready for Fall

The weather is starting to be a tiny bit chillier in the morning, so it’s a good time to plan the fall coat. I spend a lot of time walking, so an impressive coat is a great thing to have in the winter. For months at a time, I will be wearing a coat during […]

Empress of Zooble Land

My daughter will be the first zooble-based superhero! She designed the dress herself, as evidenced in the drawing above. She seems to like my interpretation. I fashioned the star out of outsized paillettes. The zoobles are reverse applique. I’ve been a little off buying fabric lately, but I had no knit fabric on hand to […]

Embellished Jacket Progress 9

Shoulder Trim

Embellished Jacket Project 6 — Other Cuff

Here’s the other cuff, that I just finished. After looking at the photo I took for the previous post, I realized that it would be easy to fold the red mirrored trim at the point so that the design would be symmetrical. I did that for this cuff, and it looks nicer.

Embellished Jacket Progress 5 — Cuff Trim

Here is the trim on one cuff, which is all I have completed thus far. The trim on the yoke of the jacket will be similar to this. There are several parts to the trim, as shown in the photo below, which is the same as above but with numbers obscuring your view and an […]

Embellished Jacket Progress 4 – Tubular Trim

One thing I really like about the Isabel Marant jacket that I’m basing my current project on is the tubular red trim that outlines some of the other trims. It looks very 3d, and I wanted something similar on my jacket. Mine ended up being narrower and not as puffy, but I think I like […]

Project In Progress

Here’s a photo of my current project, which is in progress. It is heavily influenced by a current season Isabel Marant jacket, shown her on Net A Porter. I went to the city yesterday to take my daughter to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday, and while I was there I made it […]