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Spring Print, 2 Ways

My print love affair continues, with this early spring floral. I took a bunch of photos at a local park and image-edited them into this lovely (to me) print! I bought it from in a linen-cotton canvas for a dress , and in a cotton knit for a t-shirt. The only difference between the […]

Swamp Creature Dress

Every year, I make a nice dress to wear to holiday parties. I end up going to several, and for the most part, the other people there don’t overlap, so I can wear the same dress a few times. This dress will be this year’s holiday attire. It’s actually a dress and a blouse. The […]

Summer Dress, in the Dead of Winter

What I really want to do is hibernate until the days get warmer and longer, but that would set a poor example for my kids. So, I’m dreaming up my summer wardrobe. I’ve been seeing a few dresses like this one around, with a gathered skirt, high front neckline, midi length, and thick straps. It […]

The Kyle Dress

When I completed this dress, my first thought was, “This looks like something Kyle would wear!” Don’t you agree? It’s a basic wool sheath, with a draped detail and knots at the left shoulder. I drafted the pattern myself. The shell is a wool suiting, and the lining is black silk. The knots at the […]

The Elizabeth Dress

This dress reminds me very much of something Elizabeth would make. She is a deft hand with the knit print. It is also the second dress in a row I’ve made with a 1940’s reference. I think my previous dress actually looks more 1940’s, but this one was made with a Vintage Vogue reprint pattern. […]

A Little Bit of 40’s

When I saw this print fabric, I immediately thought of a 1940’s style dress. It may be the color scheme of the print that put me in a WWII mood. The print is really lovely; it is a floral print on top of a floral brocade. I just love fabrics with a lot going on. […]

A Wonky Placket

Here is a detail photo of the placket on my new dress. It is inspired by the placket on a dress by the designer Duro Olowu for Spring 2014. This placket is pretty much the whole reason I’m making the dress. Here’s what the inspiration garment looks like:

Summer LBD

A couple of years ago, I made a a black dress with holes. At the time, it was a bit of a whim, but it ended up being an unexpected wardrobe workhorse. I wore it at least once a week, all summer. However, it has not aged well. Near the end of last summer, I […]

A Second Layer

The latest dress I made, sleeveless and wool, may not be the most practical garment. I made it sleeveless because the fabric is so thick and the dress so close-fitting at the shoulders that sleeves would have been too constricting. But, well, where I live it is nearly always too hot or too cold for […]

LBD For Summer

I’m having a hard time writing the blog post for this dress, but I did go to all the trouble of taking the photos, so I might as well just put it up. In addition to contributing to the sewing blogosphere, I also use my blog to document my projects for myself. I find it […]