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Spring Print, 2 Ways

My print love affair continues, with this early spring floral. I took a bunch of photos at a local park and image-edited them into this lovely (to me) print! I bought it from in a linen-cotton canvas for a dress , and in a cotton knit for a t-shirt. The only difference between the […]

Moths On My Fabric

Have you seen the photos from the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab? If you haven’t, and you planned on getting anything else done today, do not click on the link. If you do click on it, you will do nothing but look at bug photos all day. They are that good. And they are […]

Creepy Floral

In case you looked at my last post, featuring the print that I designed and had custom printed, and wondered what on earth anyone would do with such a print, here’s the answer. A menswear-style tailored jacket. The pattern I used was Burdastyle 1/2010 119. I re-drafted the back piece to eliminate the center back […]

Arboretum in Winter

Have you heard of It’s a new service for printing fabrics on demand. They contacted me a month or so ago and asked if I would like to try their service. I love designing prints, and it’s been ages since I’ve done one, so I decided to give it a go. It was a […]

Printed Moto Jacket — Revealed!

Tadaa! This will almost certainly be my go-to spring jacket. If spring ever arrives in the eastern United States, that is. For all posts about the making of this jacket, click here.


Since my kids are a bit older now, it’s time to erase some of the destruction of the toddler years. I got all of my furniture re-upholstered (professionally) before the holidays, and I’m doing some DIY improvements as well. I bought these lamps at Ikea around the time I moved into this house in 01, […]

A New Skill

Somehow I have managed to get myself involved in the PTO at dd’s school, in charge of Spiritwear. That’s all the stuff that the school sells with the school logo on it. I’ve been doing this since summer. I could rant for several paragraphs about the vendor that we order our screen printed products from, […]

Orion Nebula Polka Dot Pussybow Blouse

. If I were a scientist, I would wear this blouse to all of the scientist cocktail parties that are clogging my imaginary scientist calendar. I would play it cool and see if anyone recognizes that the print derives from a Hubble Telescope image of the Orion Nebula. Too bad I’m not a scientist. Of […]

Breton-ish stripes

. The Breton stripe trend of last year kind of passed me by. Right after seeing the movie “Coco Avant Chanel”, I was all prepared to jump on the Breton stripe bandwagon, but it just never happened. Even though I like the look, when I realized how many stores in the mall were carrying these […]

Print for Trousers

One person expressed an interest in buying the print for the trousers in the previous post, so I put it up for sale on Spoonflower. Please keep in mind that I did not make this print with the intent to sell it, so it may be a bit cludgy. If I do this again, I […]