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Printed Moto Jacket — Revealed!

Tadaa! This will almost certainly be my go-to spring jacket. If spring ever arrives in the eastern United States, that is. For all posts about the making of this jacket, click here.

Moto Jacket Sleeves

The sleeves are ready to go! I put a zipper with a gusset, which is standard for motorcycle jackets. If you’re interested in technique, Shams did a great tutorial on sleeve zipper gussets.

Collar and Lapels!

The collar and lapels are on! It’s starting to look like a real jacket.

A Lovely Get-Together and Moto Jacket Project

On Saturday, I went to the city to meet up with Elizabeth, Peter, Kat, and Sarita for some lovely conversation and fabric shopping. The company was unparalled, but we were all fairly restrained in our purchases. I purchased 3 zippers for my new jacket: one for the front closure, and 2 for the cuffs. Above […]

Moto Jacket — Welt Pockets

Since you are all so nice about expressing your interest in my project, I am motivated to post my progress. I’ve finished the side front seams and one of the welt pockets. The jacket will be unlined, so I’m putting a Hong Kong finish on the seams, using bias strips of black silk organza. The […]

Printed Moto Jacket — Printing

If you want to keep your sanity, never screen print on velvet. The end result is OK, but it was a bit maddening getting there. The screen kept moving on its own because of the nap, resulting in several double prints. After I finished, I realized that if I had ironed each piece immediately before […]

Printed Moto Jacket — Lapels

As I was laying out my motorcycle jacket pattern on the velvet, I remembered some black doubleface duchesse satin that I bought at a silk mill in Sudbury, UK. I went there a few years ago when I lived in London. I blogged a little about the trip here. The silk is actually the kind […]

Embellished Moto Jacket — The Beginning

Here’s the start of another epic project. It will be a motorcycle-style jacket made with custom printed cotton velveteen. In order to place the motifs properly when I do the screen printing, I will need to know where the seam lines go. So far, I have thread traced all the seam lines onto the velveteen […]