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Showcasing a Lovely Fabric

The high waisted silhouette has taken hold of my imagination lately. I just finished 2 pairs of high-waisted shorts, followed by this embroidered silk skirt. I bought the fabric at a warehouse sale for a home dec fabric supplier called Pollack Associates. I was there looking for curtain fabric for my dining room, but this […]

Pink Layers

Seeing as the Polar Vortex in my area is causing us all to dress in layers, I thought I would make something to fit that description. It’s a twist on the basic shell made with lightweight pink silk twill. The layers are joined at the armhole seams, and offset at the hem and neckline. I […]

The Posh Side of Shorts

I have my next project lined up, but I’m waiting on the pattern that I ordered. It’s taking a while because of some heavy weather we’ve been having lately. So, to kill some time, I chose a quick shorts project. Some nice shorts will come in handy for summer dinner dates. The fabric is pale […]

Elvin Silver

Last fall, when the spring runway shows ran, I noticed a trend for grey full-skirted dresses. This seemed like just the kind of thing that I would want to wear as the weather warms up. This project is based on the pattern Vogue 8577. It has a great full skirt, and I love the midriff […]

Wool Crepe Cake

I have now christened 2013 The Year Of Cake. This follows hot on the heels of my posthumously christened 2012, The Year Of Frosting. In case you have not been reading many sewing blogs lately, please check Clio’s explanation of her Frosting Diet. I found this fabric in my attic when I was getting the […]

Dial Back the Crazy (Sewing Resolution for the New Year)

All of the end-of-year wrap-up posts out there in blogland have finally penetrated my consciousness enough to want to do one of my own. And when I think about my sewing in the past year, I’m struck by how, well, crazy, every garment seems to be. It’s more the rule than the exception that each […]

Lace and Ruffles and Bows, Oh, My!

Sometimes, when I finish a project, I wonder what I was thinking when I thought this would be something I would wear. Then again, sometimes the strangest garments turn into basics in my wardrobe. I tried this dress on with virtually everything I own, and I think it looks best with regular black trousers and […]

Hurricane Dress

As the owners of one of very few houses in my vicinity with electricity, my family and I have been busy this week. However, I did occasionally manage to steal away from our constant company to work on a new dress. I love, love, love this fabric. It’s a novelty fabric that alternates white and […]

In Love

I take back all those disparaging comments I’ve made about prints, on my blog and elsewhere. This silk charmeuse print totally blew me away when I saw it. I immediately thought of a 70’s style shirtdress. It looks like a border print, but the print actually runs from selvedge to selvedge, so I cut the […]

Printed Jeans Velvet Top

This outfit fits my mood at the moment, although the very hot weather this week is not really cooperating with my desire to wear long trousers and velvet. Print jeans have been popping up everywhere lately, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. I’ve had this print denim for a while. After my epic […]