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Shape and Texture

For several years now, one of my Holy Grail clothing items has been a chunky wool cable knit sweater that actually has some feminine shape to it, and does not cost thousands of dollars. Now, at any given point in time, I have a list of Holy Grail items, and this one was somewhere outside […]

Another Take on the Hummingbird Leotard

Summer is really sapping my blogging energy! I try to blog about most of my projects, because it helps me remember what I made, what patterns I used, etc. But, at this point, there’s a bit of a backlog. The leotard from this post is less-than-ideal fit wise. I copied an existing leotard, and apparently […]

a warm, fuzzy collar

It all started when I saw an ad in February Vogue featuring a model wearing the comfiest, fuzziest sweater in existence. So I thought, and flipped back to it, and thought, and realized that I have a knit in my stash that would be perfect for a sweater like that. I made some changes to […]

The Elizabeth Dress

This dress reminds me very much of something Elizabeth would make. She is a deft hand with the knit print. It is also the second dress in a row I’ve made with a 1940’s reference. I think my previous dress actually looks more 1940’s, but this one was made with a Vintage Vogue reprint pattern. […]

A Quickie in Sweater Knit

When I was at the mall last week, I noticed a couple of garments (one at Tory Burch and one at Anthropologie), that combined a frumpy-yet-sparkly sweater knit with contrast sleeves. I thought, hey, I have just such a sweater knit at home! And some white knit that I can dye for contrast. So I […]

Once Again, In a Print

I liked my grey marl top so much, I pulled out a knit print and made another one. On the grey top, the neckline came out a bit wonky. I made the band narrower on this one, and it looks better.

Grey Marl

I have officially reached the point in my sewing learning arc where it is easier, faster, and cheaper to make something than to buy it. Yesterday, I copied my daughter’s favorite trousers in one afternoon. This project was so much more pleasurable than going shopping and trying to find the same exact trousers again. The […]