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Shape and Texture

For several years now, one of my Holy Grail clothing items has been a chunky wool cable knit sweater that actually has some feminine shape to it, and does not cost thousands of dollars. Now, at any given point in time, I have a list of Holy Grail items, and this one was somewhere outside […]

I Knit A Sweater!

Hey, look at me! I knit a sweater! I think I’m starting to get the hang of the whole knitting thing. I started with some lovely variegated wool yarn. I knit the whole thing in the round without a pattern. It was a little nerve-wracking, especially toward the end when it looked like the neckline […]

Look, Ma, No Seams!

Several years ago, while shopping at a fancy store, I came across a skirt by the designer Alaia that was beautifully shaped: fitted and flippy all at once. When I took a closer look, I realized that this shape was achieved with no seams, which seemed to me to be nothing short of magic. I […]

My First Knitting Project!

I never buy my kids anything they ask for. Whenever they ask for something throughout the year, I tell them to wait for Christmas. The vast majority of the time, they either decide they don’t really want the thing, or they forget about it. Unfortunately, a tiny percentage of the time, they remember, but that […]