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Stop Me Before I Shirt Again

My shirt compulsion continues. The inspiration for this shirt is a photo that Shams pinned to her Pinterest page. I thought it was cool. Then I thought, “I could do that.” The pattern is from The Book of Mens Shirts by Ryuichiro Shimazaki. This is the third, or possibly fourth, shirt I have made with […]

The Pajama Look

Perhaps I mentioned my fascination with shirts lately. Here’s my latest. It is a pattern from the book “Book of Mens Shirts” by Ryuichiro Shimazaki, altered for me. The fabric is a silk sheer-and-opaque stripe with dots printed on. I think it looks a bit like a pajama top, but nice enough that it would […]

Seersucker Sheer

This shirt is all about the fabric. It’s a seersucker that alternates opaque and sheer stripes! How amazing is that? I used a very simple camp shirt pattern so the fabric could really shine. The pattern came from a Japanese shirtmaking book by Ryuichiro Shimazaki that I bought a while back. Initially, I was thinking […]