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Outfit Of The Day — Betty Draper Dress

Here’s my sister modeling the dress I made her! It fits well, and she loves it. Dress blogged here.

Channeling Betty Draper

Like so many others, including myself, my sister is a big Mad Men fan. She has been coveting a Betty Draper From Season 2 style shirtdress for ages, so I made one for her. This style of dress can be made with virtually any lightweight, tightly woven fabric. I sent my sister several links for […]

Getting Ready

As you are probably aware, the Northeastern US (where I live) is set for its first hurricane-force storm in a long while, or possibly ever. While my husband was busy procuring batteries, water, and canned goods, I oiled the treadle. We’re all ready. Good luck to everyone and let’s hope the forecasts are all mistaken.

Rescuing an Orphan

This blouse (blogged here) has been in my wardrobe for a while, but it seems like I could never find anything to wear with it that was in proper proportion.  Then, as I was watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey, I started thinking that a long, dark, high-waisted skirt is just what I need for […]

The Tudors

  A fellow sewing blogger recommended the show The Tudors to me, then told me to give it more of a chance after I was unimpressed with the first couple of episodes. I am now completely hooked. Even if I were not interested in the plot or characters, the clothes alone are worth watching for. I […]