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Me-Made-May Wrap-Up

 Here is my Me-Made-May wrap-up post. The captions on the gallery include URL’s for those garments that have blog posts. If I don’t mention the garment in the caption, that means that I probably bought it.  I did manage to wear at least one thing that I made every day. On most days it was more than one […]

A Few Small Projects

There’s no one project that I have been working on that deserves its own blog post, but I have been sewing and completing some small things.  Actually, after the white jacket, I made a wadder.  It has been a loooong time since I’ve made something unwearable, and I was a bit traumatized.  It was a […]

Me Made May

If you are looking for me-made-may photos, please look on the Flickr group. I won’t be posting them here daily, but I’m considering doing a wrap up post with all the photos for the month. The Flickr group is here

More Summer Layers

Continuing my pursuit of summer layers, I just loved a look from Oscar de la Renta’s spring 10 line with a colorful print dress worn over a white sleeveless shirtdress.  I managed to find this nice brocade at Mood with some yellow and blue in it.  It’s probably rayon. The first couple of times I […]


Zoe over at So Zo has started a fun challenge for May.  It’s called Me Made May and it involves wearing pretty much only clothes you’ve made for the month of May.  I’m joining and will be posting photos to the Flickr group.  If you would like to join, as well, click on the link above to […]

More Spring Coats

Since becoming a parent, I appear to have developed an obsession with dressing my dd’s in matching coats.  They make the best photos! Allow me to join the chorus of sewing bloggers raving about FabricMart.  They listed this fabric as “silk twill”, which is a great lining fabric.  It was also listed as 80″ wide, which […]

Summer Layers

At the beginning of each season, I find it helpful to define my look for that season.  That way, on those days when I wake up in the morning and am tempted to put on a tracksuit because I can’t be bothered to put together an outfit, I can think about my predefined look and […]

A Lady Pouring Chocolate

When I go to an art museum, I look at the clothes.  When I am confronted with a roomful of nudes, I get all annoyed.  Why would anyone want to look at people without clothes?  I just don’t get it.  Above is a painting in London’s National Gallery called A Lady Pouring Chocolate by Jean-Etienne Liotard. […]

Burdastyle Contest

If you don’t have anything else to do right now, and I assume that you don’t, because if you did, you probably would not be wasting time reading my blog, can you please do me a favor?  Burdastyle is running a contest that I have entered based on Natalie Chanin’s book Alabama Studio Style.  Go […]

Unsure What To Sew

February is a tough month for sewing. I’m sick to death of winter clothes, but spring seems as if it may never arrive, so no sense getting a head start on warm weather wear. I might as well make something completely out there, like this lovely metallic satin cocktail dress that will be perfect for […]