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Guest Blogging Chez Bunny

Hey, everyone! I did a guest post for the Next Level Sewing Series on Bunny’s blog, La Sewista. I keep thinking that I should do the occasional tutorial on my blog, but tutorials are so much work to put together, then when I post them to my blog, they just get buried and no one […]

Machine buttonholes using gimp

Here’s a little video I made about how to use gimp in your buttonholes. The cinematic quality is not great, but you can see what I’m doing with my hands to get the buttonhole made.

Seams on Sheer Fabric

I had a comment on my previous formalwear post asking how I did the seams on the tulle. Here’s a tutorial on how I’m doing the seams for the tulle part of this dress. The photos show the elbow dart, but it’s the same process for a dart or a seam. I learned this method […]