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Starting Small

When I’m working on an involved project like this, I like to start with the smaller pieces. This way, when I need to attach the collar, I can just grab the collar and put it on. Also, when the collar is already assembled, it looks like something and is less likely to be mistaken for […]

Disheveled Finery

I’ve just embarked on yet another of my epic projects. This one is a trench coat influenced by a Nina Ricci dress worn by Carey Mulligan in Vogue. The dress is silk satin with screen printed roses patched onto the fabric. It found its way onto my sewing room wall, and now will become a […]

Finishing Work

I’ve finally managed to put the snaps on my cashmere cardigan. I bought them in New York when I attended MPB Day. MPB Day was fabulous, as usual. Even if I had not acquired the snaps, it would have been a fantastic day. If you every get the chance to attend, you definitely should. There’s […]

3 Shades of Menswear Skirt

It’s a skirt! I’ve been obsessed with the fall fashion mags, as I am every August, and menswear seems to be a big trend. I happen to have some menswear because I bought a wool bundle from last fall, so I brought them out and picked some to mix together. The brown was actually […]

Tweed and Satin and Lace, Oh My! (part 2)

Here we will discuss the jacket portion of our entertainment. I made it with a lovely plaid cashmere, trimmed in silk duchesse satin and lined in silk charmeuse. I’m hoping it turns into my go-to cardigan this winter. The pattern is a tried-and-true pattern that started out as a commercial pattern, but I have made […]

I love a good cuff

This is the cuff on a jacket that I’m making. The plaid is cashmere; the silk is a duchesse satin. It will (might?) be finished soon.

Tweed, Satin, and Lace

My project-in-progress.

Tweed Pullover

Since it will probably never get warmer in the Northeastern US, I may find myself wearing this top all summer. The pattern is a fairly new Vogue pattern, 1115. This pattern appeals to me for a couple of reasons. The shoulder/sleeve treatment is stunning, and I really like pullover tops as outerwear. I think it’s […]

Darts and Topstitching

My current project, Vogue 1115, in wool suiting and silk charmeuse.

Embroidered Linen Jacket

Remember last week, when I posted photos of some sleeves? Well, here’s the whole jacket! The pattern is one of the new Vogue patterns, 8876. It caught my attention when I saw this post on Marcy Tilton’s blog. I love the look of this dress as a jacket. I went up 2 sizes, but I […]