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Dressing in layers is my favorite thing about the weather getting colder. For a while, I was trying to do layers in summer, but it just gets too hot where I live for summer layers to work. So here I am, in winter, dressing in layers. My first layer project is little red-and-white striped knit […]

We Don’t Need No Stinking Power!

The New York City suburbs, where I live, experienced an unexpectedly heavy early snowfall last Saturday. Since the trees here have not yet lost their leaves for the winter, the heavy wet snow accummulated on the leaves. The larger trees could not handle the weight of the snow, causing either whole trees or massive limbs […]

A Few Random Projects

Here are some pics of a few little projects that I’ve completed lately. None are impressive enough for a standalone blog post, but I like to document all of my projects so I can remember what I did. . . . .

Cheap and Cheerful

. This fabric thrills me. In the photos, it may appear that it’s a print, but it’s actually a woven plaid that kind of degenerates into stripes then just white near the hem. I bought it with a skirt in mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I could not really think […]

Military Knit

This should be a useful piece for early fall. It is influenced by a cardigan that I saw at the store Opening Ceremony in New York. I love shopping there, not least because the staff always tells me that they like what I am wearing. They have a lot of very wearable casual pieces with […]

Layered Silk Dress and Fashion Advice

. This dress idea started out with a photo that I saw online and have no idea where it was or who was pictured. But I do remember that she was wearing a dress with an opaque inner layer and a sheer outer layer, they were not connected at the neckline, and I had to […]

Saffron and Red

. I finished this skirt over a week ago, but am only now getting to my post about it. I have an idea in my mind of exactly what I want the photo to look like, but can’t seem to motivate to actually get it set up and photographed. I’m still hoping to take my […]

Orion Nebula Polka Dot Pussybow Blouse

. If I were a scientist, I would wear this blouse to all of the scientist cocktail parties that are clogging my imaginary scientist calendar. I would play it cool and see if anyone recognizes that the print derives from a Hubble Telescope image of the Orion Nebula. Too bad I’m not a scientist. Of […]

Cranberry Silk Blouse 2.0

. A little while ago, Kathleen at Fashion Incubator featured one of my Etsy items in her Refine My Line series. I got some great suggestions, and had a lively debate about hem pressing. Most of the suggestions were the kind that made me think, “Of course. Why did I not think of that?” Here […]

Blue Sparkle

. Somehow, I have finished with spring sewing and am thinking Fall. I blame the fashion calendar, where the fall 2011 shows are still swimming in my brain. My favorite, by far, is Junya Watanabe. It does not get any better than tons of darts and shaping in leather. But the first garment that I […]