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Pajama Party

Nice pajamas have been on my to-sew list approximately forever, but somehow I am only now getting around to them.  Our family summer vacation will be at a resort where I am fairly certain that, at least once, I will wind up bringing the kids to breakfast while feeling a little rough from the previous […]

Hot Pink Trousers

These trousers have been on my to-make list for ages. I bought the fabric close to a year ago. After my epic jacket project, I wanted a quick project. This fit the bill: less than 48 hours start to finish. The pattern is from Burdastyle 4/07. I’ve made it before, so it was all traced […]

Rescuing an Orphan

This blouse (blogged here) has been in my wardrobe for a while, but it seems like I could never find anything to wear with it that was in proper proportion.  Then, as I was watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey, I started thinking that a long, dark, high-waisted skirt is just what I need for […]

GPOYW New Orange Top

The spring weather here lately lit a fire under my butt to make this orange print top. I have been wanting a pullover top with a shirttail hem for a while now, and orange is just everywhere I look. It’s the color of the year, don’tchaknow? A month or so ago, I bought some orange […]

Stripey Shorts for Early Spring

I made these shorts a while ago, but I don’t think I ever blogged about them. The inspiration came from a photo I saw online of a model wearing striped shorts and a heavy cardigan. I fell for the look, and even had some reasonably similar fabric lying about. I also made a dress with […]

A Boast

I’m the Burdastyle Featured Member! Yea, me!

Ombre Plaid

This dress has a bit of a 90’s grunge feel, with mix of plaid and purposely messy dye. It’s made of a cotton plaid flannel, dyed to make it a bit more interesting. The fabric is very soft and fluffy. The pattern is Vogue 1220, which millions of others in the sewing blogosphere have also […]

Retrofuture Air Hostess

Orange juice or Champagne, sir? This top is a blatent knockoff of a top in January Vogue. The Vogue top, oddly enough, is from H&M. After I completed this project, I realized that I probably could have headed to the H&M in the local mall to see if it was there and save the trouble […]

Plaid Trousers and Meeting Peter

As you may have heard, superstar sewing blogger Peter graciously agreed to take time out from signing autographed 8 X 10’s of himself to send to his many fans, to meet me on short notice when I was in the city the other day. I just love meeting sewing people, and Peter does not disappoint. […]

Tablecloth Ball Skirt

. This embellished silk organza fabric leaped off the fabric store shelf and into my arms screaming “Ball Skirt!” It’s been in my collection for several months, and I figured it is now the time of year to make it up. I pretty much never go to parties 11 months of the year, then in […]