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The Great Unveiling

Tadaa! My goal with this project was to make a coat that is as close as possible to the sample coat on which the pattern is based. I think I did all right. The pattern I used was Vogue 1419, and I saw the sample on a visit to Vogue’s offices for a blogger event. […]

Round Shoulder Coat — Progress

It’s taking shape!

Round Shoulder Coat — Fabric

When I saw the sample garment for Vogue 1419, I thought it would be a fun challenge to make a coat as close as possible to the sample. It seemed like the original coat was made with a wool gabardine fused to another fabric. Perhaps the inside fabric was a fusible interfacing, but the hand […]

Round Shoulder Coat — Post #1

A few weeks ago, I attended a a very enjoyable gathering at the McCall Patterns offices. The main attraction (for me) was the opportunity to see the sample garments for their fall pattern collection. I fell hard for Vogue 1419, which I had already ordered. It went straight to the top of my sewing list. […]