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The Big Reveal

After all of this buildup (10 blog posts detailing my progress!), I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m not. I love it! Embroidery! Beads! Color! Dye! Quilting! What’s not to love? So, for those of you who are just joining us, this project is based heavily on a current-season Isabel Marant jacket, the Weez embellished tie-dye […]

Tiny Dye Bath

The embroidery that I’m working on now is calling out for a touch of yellow. But, alas, I have no yellow floss. Enter the world’s smallest dye bath: a red plastic party cup containing a length of formerly cream-colored silk embroidery floss and a bit of yellow dye solution.

Embellished Jacket Progress 10

It’s the home stretch with this jacket now. The shell is complete. I’m adding a swoosh of crazy-quilt embroidery to the lining where the tag would normally go. In the unlikely event that I would ever get a tattoo, it would depict crazy quilt embroidery.

Embellished Jacket Progress 9

Shoulder Trim

Embellished Jacket Progress 8

I’m still chugging along with the beads and trims. These bugle beads at the center back look kind of creepy and cool.

Embellished Jacket Progress 7

I’ve basted on the first layer of trims on the front and back. This is sort of the trim foundation; the other trims will rest on top of these.

Embellished Jacket Project 6 — Other Cuff

Here’s the other cuff, that I just finished. After looking at the photo I took for the previous post, I realized that it would be easy to fold the red mirrored trim at the point so that the design would be symmetrical. I did that for this cuff, and it looks nicer.

Embellished Jacket Progress 5 — Cuff Trim

Here is the trim on one cuff, which is all I have completed thus far. The trim on the yoke of the jacket will be similar to this. There are several parts to the trim, as shown in the photo below, which is the same as above but with numbers obscuring your view and an […]

Embellished Jacket Progress 4 – Tubular Trim

One thing I really like about the Isabel Marant jacket that I’m basing my current project on is the tubular red trim that outlines some of the other trims. It looks very 3d, and I wanted something similar on my jacket. Mine ended up being narrower and not as puffy, but I think I like […]

Embellished Jacket Progress 3

Here’s the beaded trim on the jacket opening edges. The trim is attached to cotton tape. I stitched the tape to the front and bottom edges of the jacket shell, then handstitched the lining to the tape. The original jacket that this project is based on has a dark colored lining, which I thought was […]