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The Caftan Caravan

Now that I have this awesome caftan, I really need to build a time machine to go back to the 1970’s for a cigarette, a cocktail, and a key party. Or maybe I’ll just watch “The Ice Storm” again. This is actually my second caftan. My first is more of a wintry garment of rayon […]

Pink Layers

Seeing as the Polar Vortex in my area is causing us all to dress in layers, I thought I would make something to fit that description. It’s a twist on the basic shell made with lightweight pink silk twill. The layers are joined at the armhole seams, and offset at the hem and neckline. I […]

Fur Skirt, Take 2

My fur skirt that I made in 2010 has seen better days, and has retired. It got a surprising amount of wear. Then the fur got a little nappy, and I think there was a small melted patch on the front that must have happened when I was cooking. It was fun while it lasted. […]

Elvin Silver

Last fall, when the spring runway shows ran, I noticed a trend for grey full-skirted dresses. This seemed like just the kind of thing that I would want to wear as the weather warms up. This project is based on the pattern Vogue 8577. It has a great full skirt, and I love the midriff […]

Eveningwear — Pattern for Skirt

I came up with this pattern for the top 2 layers of the skirt. The topmost layer is labelled “Layer 1” in the pic. The layer directly under that is labelled “Layer 2”. To reduce bulk at the waistline, layer 2 will gather into a yoke piece at the back. This seems like it should […]