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Auditioning Underlay Fabrics

Initially I was planning on using black as an underlay for my dress. I like the idea of black mostly because it’s obvious that it’s there, so people won’t look at me and wonder if I’m wearing anything under my sheer outer dress. But then when I saw the sheer fabric of the skirt over […]


It’s starting to look like a dress

Here’s where I am on my evening dress. The zipper is in and the sleeves are attached. Trying it on, I should have drafted the armholes a bit higher, but I think it will be all right. I was toying with the idea of making a high collar and cuffs out of the light colored […]

Eveningwear Dress Progress — Assembly

I’m finally at the assembly stage of my dress, so things should go fairly quickly from here on in. I adjusted the gathers on my skirt layers so they hang properly. I also shortened the top layer a bit by cutting about 1.5″ off the top. Initially, I drafted it so there would be quite […]

Test of the skirt pieces

It looks like the skirt pieces are doing pretty much what I want them to do. I need to play around a bit with adjusting the gathers, but it seems to be working. These are the top 2 layers of the skirt. They are pretty haphazardly placed just to see if they will work. There’s […]

Evening Dress Progress – Continuous Bias

Yesterday was devoted to cutting continuous bias to use to bind the skirt edges. I’ll need a lot. I started my work today with the above 1 1/8″ continuous bias strip. It is quite lengthy.

It will be everywhere now

Here’s another example of the skirt shape that I want to achieve in my gown. This one is much simpler, from Peter Pilatto. It seems like an extension of the peplum trend that’s been around for a few months. If this gown works out, maybe I’ll make a more casual skirt in the same vein.

Eveningwear — Pattern for Skirt

I came up with this pattern for the top 2 layers of the skirt. The topmost layer is labelled “Layer 1” in the pic. The layer directly under that is labelled “Layer 2”. To reduce bulk at the waistline, layer 2 will gather into a yoke piece at the back. This seems like it should […]

Evening Dress Progress

Here’s where I am on my evening dress project. I have placed all of the strips on the tulle bodice pieces. Initially, I thought I was making slow progress. Then I realized that it was not that I was not working on it enough. The problem was, the process was just really time-consuming. I like […]

Seams on Sheer Fabric

I had a comment on my previous formalwear post asking how I did the seams on the tulle. Here’s a tutorial on how I’m doing the seams for the tulle part of this dress. The photos show the elbow dart, but it’s the same process for a dart or a seam. I learned this method […]

Formalwear — The Beginning

My husband and I have been invited to a black-tie wedding on New Year’s Eve. Since I have so much time to work on the dress before the event, I figured I would go out on a limb a bit with my dress. If it does not work out, I have plenty of fabric to […]