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Embroidered Linen Jacket

Remember last week, when I posted photos of some sleeves? Well, here’s the whole jacket! The pattern is one of the new Vogue patterns, 8876. It caught my attention when I saw this post on Marcy Tilton’s blog. I love the look of this dress as a jacket. I went up 2 sizes, but I […]

Starting a Tailoring Project

When I start a tailoring project, I like to start with the smaller pieces then move on to the larger pieces. I have finished the sleeves for this new jacket. Now, when the jacket body is complete, I can just grab the sleeves and sew them on. The fabric is en embroidered linen that I […]

Elvin Silver

Last fall, when the spring runway shows ran, I noticed a trend for grey full-skirted dresses. This seemed like just the kind of thing that I would want to wear as the weather warms up. This project is based on the pattern Vogue 8577. It has a great full skirt, and I love the midriff […]

My First 17 Projects of 2013

My daughters’ school is putting on a production of Little Orphan Annie this winter, so I volunteered to make the orphan costumes! It was a fun exercise. The fabric is sheets from Goodwill that I dyed in my washing machine. I developed the pattern myself. I thought that, since I’m not really that great a […]

And One for Me

So that thought about wearing a cool mask while handing out candy on Halloween really took hold in my imagination, and I made one for me. The colors are a little different: blue with the orange rather than purple. I took some photos of my process this time, as well.

Ready for Fall

The weather is starting to be a tiny bit chillier in the morning, so it’s a good time to plan the fall coat. I spend a lot of time walking, so an impressive coat is a great thing to have in the winter. For months at a time, I will be wearing a coat during […]

Batik Scarf

I’ve finished a couple of projects lately, but I find myself completely undone by the thought of photographing them and blogging about them. Does this happen to everyone, or is it just me? The above scarf is a bit of an experiment that came out pretty well. It’s my second try with batik, and it […]

And now for something completely different…

OK, maybe not all that different. It is, obviously, a sewing project, but I consider quilting, and really all home dec sewing, to belong to the dark side of the force. However, this project was fairly quick and pretty much painless. Among the first world problems that have been occupying my brain cycles lately are […]

Tie Dye Stripe Redux

Remember this dress? Even after I stopped looking at it for several weeks, it still had so many problems that I must consider it a wadder. BUT I was still enamoured with the concept, so I figured it was time to try again. I changed many things. The fabric for the new dress is a […]

The Big Reveal

After all of this buildup (10 blog posts detailing my progress!), I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m not. I love it! Embroidery! Beads! Color! Dye! Quilting! What’s not to love? So, for those of you who are just joining us, this project is based heavily on a current-season Isabel Marant jacket, the Weez embellished tie-dye […]