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80’s revival, hot and cold

. I am completely hot and cold about this dress. On the form, it gives me a bit of a sinking feeling of 80’s redux. Now, I am not one to think “if you wore it the last time it was in fashion, you are too old for it now.” I am reaching an age […]

Saffron and Red

. I finished this skirt over a week ago, but am only now getting to my post about it. I have an idea in my mind of exactly what I want the photo to look like, but can’t seem to motivate to actually get it set up and photographed. I’m still hoping to take my […]

Cranberry Silk Blouse 2.0

. A little while ago, Kathleen at Fashion Incubator featured one of my Etsy items in her Refine My Line series. I got some great suggestions, and had a lively debate about hem pressing. Most of the suggestions were the kind that made me think, “Of course. Why did I not think of that?” Here […]

Pioneer Woman Dress

I’m calling this my Pioneer Woman Dress. It makes me feel like I’m on a wagon train heading out into the unknown. The full, swishy skirt is my favorite part. I made this lace cardigan to wear with it, which perhaps detracts from the pioneer vibe. I love mixing textures, and I also love the […]

Stylebook Petticoat / Smock

. For my first Mrs Stylebook project, I wanted something easy, but also something that I would actually wear. This pattern fit the bill. For a while, I have been enamoured with the double-skirt look. I mostly made this dress to wear under this dress. The skirt of the white dress will stick out a […]

Stylebook/Bunka update

I finally finished the Bunka sloper pattern. Before sewing it up, I figured I would check it on top of the Stylebook sloper. The one that I painstakingly drafted is very nearly identical to the size 86 sloper. It is maybe 1 cm off at the waist. It would appear that my proportions are oddly […]

Stylebook/Bunka Cry for Help

My current project is to make something from Mrs Stylebook. I have 2 issues from 2009, including the one that comes with the slopers. I also have the complete set of Bunka patternmaking books in English. Near as I can tell, the use the same system of pattern drafting. Now, the sloper in Mrs Stylebook […]

blue sundress

I finished the blue sundress. I wasn’t sure about it, but I’ve been wearing it for about an hour now, and I’m feeling better and better about it. The cool things that I wanted to achieve are the diagonal seam that goes from back to front, with no side seam, and the lovely back neckline […]


My next project will be based on this dress. It’s from an ad for Brahmin handbags. It’s not the best photo, but there’s an ad in the May Vogue where you can see the dress pretty well. It looks like there are no side seams, and the front piece goes around to the back and […]