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Festive Crafting

This year, the younger generation chose to be a hummingbird and a vampire for Halloween. The hummingbird needed light-up wings. I got the supplies at Goodwill. For the hummingbird, I got a pink shirt, pink trousers, and sheer purple for the wings. Sheerness is an important quality for the wings, because I added long, skinny […]

My First 17 Projects of 2013

My daughters’ school is putting on a production of Little Orphan Annie this winter, so I volunteered to make the orphan costumes! It was a fun exercise. The fabric is sheets from Goodwill that I dyed in my washing machine. I developed the pattern myself. I thought that, since I’m not really that great a […]

Ava the Sunset Fairy

. My town CANCELLED trick-or-treating this year because of the storm damage! In my mind, this is kind of like cancelling Christmas. I mean, people would still get trees and decorate them and give presents to their kids anyway, right? So my immediate neighborhood (maybe 15 households) got together and decided to do trick-or-treat last […]


. For Halloween this year, my younger daughter wants to be Elastica from Zevo-3. What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of it? No one else has, either. She is possibly the only fan. If I let her, she will watch all 20 episodes in a row. Elastica’s super power is her amazing hair. It […]