I love a good cuff


This is the cuff on a jacket that I’m making. The plaid is cashmere; the silk is a duchesse satin. It will (might?) be finished soon.



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    Wow! Very elegant.

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    That cuff is amazing? I love how you did that cuff? What technique are you using or did you follow for that? I’d love to know what books you’ve learned your techniques from or that you go to. Is that a two-piece sleeve?

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      Thanks Andrea! I should put something about my training in the “about me” page on my blog. Several years ago, I took this series of classes at FIT: http://www.fitnyc.edu/2960.asp. Kenneth King teaches most if not all of these classes now, but I had a different instructor. These classes really upped my game.

      Other than that, I have been sewing for a long time. I have probably spent a total of 30 years sewing for at least a few minutes every single day. The only time I did not sew was in college, but I got back into it after graduation.

      Specifically about the cuff. There’s a lot of hand sewing there. the binding pieces are 2″ wide bias strips of silk duchesse satin. I sewed the binding around the bottom edge first, machine sewing the top edge, folding the strip down and around the sleeve edge, and hand sewing in place on the wrong side. Then I did the vertical strips in the same way. I formed the miter with the iron and hand sewed the miter in place. Then I took a piece of straight grain satin, formed the little house at the top, and hand sewed that in place.

      It is a one-piece sleeve with a dart.

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    Are you following a particular pattern? Your work is lovely, just lovely. Shall we all you the Queen of Miters? 🙂

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      Thanks! No, the cuff is not part of any pattern.

      I did the miters on the front edge of the jacket first, and had my learning experience with them. They do not look as nice as these.

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    Thats lovely!

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    I’m jealous of the FIT classes…they are on my list! This is looking sooooo good!

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