For those who have been living under a blogging rock, I’ll explain that OWOP stands for One Week, One Pattern, Tilly’s genius idea for a sewing challenge. Participants choose one pattern and wear one or more garments made from that pattern for a whole week. In my real life, I’m not much of a joiner, but there’s something about a sewing-related wardrobe challenge that I find impossible to resist. Sort of like going to a theme party, which I also love.

I fretted a bit about which pattern to choose, but the weather report for this week indicated chilly temps, so I chose my go-to trouser pattern, Burdastyle 11/09 111. I’ve had fun coming up with outfits that show my interpretation of American Sportswear. Here they are:

tweed trousers blogged here, hat blogged here


 Velvet trousers


Plaid jacket, Orion Nebula print blouse, linen trousers. I’m holding my arm in a strange way to show off my outrageous number of cuff buttons. For more info on the jacket construction, look here on the buttons, here on the collar, here on the pocket flaps


blouse blogged here, ruffled trousers blogged here 


velvet trousers blogged here, orange silk top blogged here 


linen trousers blogged here, blouse (under sweater) blogged here 



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  1. julieculshaw
    Posted March 31, 2012 at 8:11 am | Permalink | Reply

    It’s good to see what you can do with one pattern. I flit from pattern to pattern, looking for perfection, when I would be better off to work on one and get it just right. Your plaid jacket is lovely, such fine work you do.

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    […] And I am quite intimidated by the wardrobes and styling of most of the participants – like Claudine or Carolyn.  Which isn’t the point, I know, but when I see wardrobes of almost all me-mades […]

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