Pioneer Woman Dress – A Better Photo

This is my Me-Made-March pic for today. The photos of the dress in the below post don’t really inspire. This one may make up for it. I am also wearing a tiara that dd made for me.


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    • jennyklyon
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      Oh my gosh that’s gorgeous-I love your style!

  2. J Lynn
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    Claudine, I love the dress and the use of plaids to make a new pattern in the fabric. This dress has more work in it than at first glance. Will you explain how you cut out the dress to get the dress to look that way. i would love to hear more of the makings of this dress. Thanks, J Lynn

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      I think I understand the question. First off, I picked a plaid with a wide pattern repeat. I think the repeat is about 8″. Then I cut the skirt in a very wide rectangle. The skirt is 3 widths of 60″ fabric, or 180″. I put in a pocket and the placket for the center front I pleated the skirt such that all of the black stripes are folded into the pleats. I actually pleated it twice for each pleat that you can see, since there was so much fullness. I fiddled with the pleats a bit to get the skirt to the right width to attach to the bodice. Then I machine hemmed, because I could not bear to hand hem all 180″ of skirt. Does this make sense?

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    I really like the plaids. Love it.

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    A tiara goes with everything!

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    Pictures of garments on dress forms are great for studying details, but some garments look so much better on a person. This combo really comes alive on you; much more unique and stylish than it appeared on the dress form. I actually like the red tiara a lot. It is the “unexpected” and it makes me smile.

  6. J Lynn
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    Thank you, that answered my question. Wow 180″ of hem.

  7. Mary
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    Oh my, you inspire and delight! I am still on the road and so have out of the sewing loop. Enjoy Me Made March.

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    oh Claudine – reading your blog gives me little shivers of delight!
    just amazing.

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