Stylebook/Bunka update

I finally finished the Bunka sloper pattern. Before sewing it up, I figured I would check it on top of the Stylebook sloper. The one that I painstakingly drafted is very nearly identical to the size 86 sloper. It is maybe 1 cm off at the waist. It would appear that my proportions are oddly regular.

I’ve decided I will just use the pre-printed sloper. I’m sure I have learned something from this experience, but it seems to me at the moment like it may have been a waste of time to draft the sloper from the Bunka books. At least I learned, from Kay Y’s comment on my previous post, that I don’t really need a sloper sleeve.


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    You probably learned way more than you know on this. The first 10 or so patterns I drafted were a nightmare, and then I got the hang of it. What I didn’t expect was that from then on I could tell a well-drafted pattern from one that wasn’t and it will surprise where the ones that weren’t well-drafted came from.

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