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The top above is listed for sale here
The trousers above are listed for sale here

There are many ways to look at good design. One is to define good design as something that is beautiful because it requires a lot of time and technical skill, such as this jacket. Another way to look at good design is a classic, minimal style made up in the best possible fabric. This second viewpoint is what went into these pieces.

An online friend pointed out to me, vis a vis my Etsy shop, that plus size women may be more likely to be willing to spend on handmade clothes. When I got her email, I was about to cut this fabric into elastic waist trousers in more or less my size. Then I figured, what the heck, I will cut them in a plus size. Here is the result. The trouser is adapted from a Burdastyle pattern.

The fabric is a 4-ply silk in a light caramel color. The fabric weight and drape are spectacular. Better yet, these trousers did not take me weeks and weeks to make, so I can sell them at a more reasonable price than some other things in my Etsy shop.

The blouse is actually something that I made last spring for my Etsy shop. Unfortunately, the photos that I took of it at the time came out horribly. Although I did list it on Etsy, I was so discouraged that did not tell anyone about it. Today, I gave the photos another try and they came out much better. It is made from a bias cut tube that is folded on itself. All of the seams are on the straight grain, so they appear slanted in the finished garment.



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    Your friend has a point. It’s very hard for plus sized women, or even women in the upper range of regular sizes to find really nice things from good fabrics that don’t make them look like Omar tent maker dressed them. The blouse is absolutely stunning. You should make it in some larger sizes too.

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    That’s a great idea and I love your latest shop items!

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    Your friend is right about the under-served plus market. Very few people with the $$$ to buy your work are your size.

    Furthermore, who would spend that much without being able to try the clothes on for fit? I sometimes spend that much on clothes, but only after trying them on and if I can imagine wearing it in my real life and with items I already own (or can make).

    Just my 2 cents.
    You will generate less waste if you produce on demand. Post a pix of what you produce for yourself, along w/ prices for how much it would cost to make it in X fabrics and Y sizes.

    Have you spent time at the Fashion Incubator website? It may be worth your $ to buy the book and get access to the paid part of the site if you want to earn $ from your hobby.

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    I agree with the other commenters, the plus size market is underserved for good quality clothes so it makes sense to test the market with a few garments. What you’ve made are certainly lovely. Good luck!

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