Jeans don’t thrill me, and they are not meant to. My least favorite trend from recent years was the jeans-with-heels-for-evening trend.  I am so glad that’s over.

 My go-to jeans (mens Levis) are worn out, and rather than buy another pair, I figured I would make some.  I am planning on participating in Self-Stitched-September, and would like the option of wearing jeans.

The fabric is selvedge denim, bought from ebay.  It is made in USA, which is kind of cool.  With selvedge denim, a lot of manufacturers cut the side seam along the selvedge so when you roll the jeans up, you see the selvedge on the cuff and you can show off that you are not just wearing normal denim.  I thought long and hard about this, and decided that I would rather have my grain lines running along the center of each piece, and I don’t really care if strangers know that I am wearing fancy denim.

The pattern I used came from April Burdastyle.  It is fine.  Like I said, jeans really don’t thrill me.



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    Claudine – what gorgeous denim – and great construction! I know you say that jeans don’t thrill you. May I suggest that these would perhaps look even better if smaller? I do think that there’s too much fabric throughout most of the butt and legs. If that were removed, those jeans might just start to rock your world – because everything else about them is perfect!

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      I made a 36, which is my usual burdastyle size, but they may have come out a little big. Maybe, in two or three years when these wear out, I will try making them in a 34. But for how often I wear jeans, these are fine for now.

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    Yes, I know what you mean about jeans. I rarely wear them anymore because there are so many other things that I wear better. But thanks for the reminder about mens jeans. My favorite jeans used to be a hand-me-downs from DH. I need a smaller size, so I think my next purchase will be from the mens department. Not perfect, but they cover the body and serve well on the rare occasion I want to wear jeans.

    I am not sure I agree about the “too much fabric around the butt” thing because I don’t see you as the “tight jeans around the butt” type of person.

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    I’ve been reading here a while, but never comment.
    I was looking through some illustration blogs and found this;
    The two dresses in the third picture down intrigue me, and I thought you might like to see them.

    Your jeans look comfortable. Is that denim as hard as it looks, or will it soften up and full like denim used to? (I don’t know if it’s twist in the thread, or a different spinning process?)

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      The denim is not really hard at all, but it is much more substantial than denim normally used in womens rtw jeans.

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      I think it will soften and full. Selvedge denim is woven with the same process that mills used to use. I found out about it when I was researching why all denim these days, in fabric shops and in rtw, is such awful quality.

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    Yeah, I know what you mean. I have 2 pairs of jeans but I rarely wear them. They are just not that important in the scheme of things. However, you’ve made a great pair!

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    Oh dear, I hate to say this, but I have to agree with the original poster. These are neither true jeans nor jeans trousers (which I suspect you’d like better). I think they need to be a little smaller for a jeans look. Sorry.

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    I am so out of the loop on jeans and denims, not wearing them much myself. I had never heard of selvedge denim. Interesting. I too was surprised you made your jeans so loose fitting.

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    I had never heard of “selvedge denim” either, so I am glad to learn something new! I went to ebay and saw that the selvedge denims are generally 12- 13oz denim, so these are very sturdy indeed.

    (And, I agree, a smaller size on you would be smoking hot, though these look very comfortable!)

    Like you, I plan to make some jeans in the next week or two for SSS. I have amassed several patterns, a few pieces of stretch denim, and washed the heck out of it, so soon… 😀

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    I love jeans and wear them all the time! The denim you used is fabulous. I think I need to get some as I could use a new jean jacket.

  9. Carol
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    Very cool!

    but I have to disagree 🙂

    “the jeans-with-heels-for-evening trend. I am so glad that’s over.”

    I think jeans are not over and will never be.

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