Conversation with Myself

“I like that Underwear As Outerwear look”
“I’m too old for it.”
“It looks great on Susie Bubble
“She’s half my age”
“Hey, look, Vanessa Williams is wearing a corset on Ugly Betty, and she’s older than me.”
“Vanessa Williams is a Hollywood actress, a former pop singer, and a former Miss America. I am not now, and never have been, a Hollywood actress, a pop singer, or Miss America. I am a forty-something suburban housewife.”
“Oh, look, I have this great fabric that looks sooo Marie Antoinette.”
“By the time Marie Antoinette was my age, she was dead. And she was Queen of France, something else that I will never be.”
“Look, I finished it!”
“It’s kind of cute.”

Front. I did not have a separating zipper, so I just used an invisible zipper, and extended it below the bottom edge. I put a snap on it, so I can tuck the end under and snap it up. I must remember to get a couple of separating zippers to have around.


I embroidered a circus elephant on the back lining

For a pattern, I used the corset included with OOP Vogue 2086. It may not be the end-all-be-all of corset patterns, but if you consider that it was there in my closet waiting for me when I wanted to make a corset, it’s pretty sweet. If you have a favorite corset pattern to recommend, please leave a comment. I would like to see if another draft would fit me better.


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