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Nancy K said…
Very nice. People wonder why more men don’t sew, well what exactly should they sew if there are so few patterns? I’ll have to look for that one. Did you make these with traditional waistband?

Thanks. Actually, I meant to write about the waistband. Thanks for reminding me. They do have a traditional (rectangular) waistband. It is faced with a lighter fabric. The bit I wanted to write about is the interfacing. I used Ban Roll, which I have never used before. I’ve wanted to use it for a while, but all the trousers and skirts that I make for myself have shaped waistbands, which don’t work with Ban Roll. It’s really stiff, and you can shape the fabric around it nicely. I’m afraid, though, that the fabric will rub off after several washes, exposing this very plastic-y interfacing.

Lily said…
Hehe you’ll look like Posh and Becks if you go around wearing matching pants!

Bernie and I have so much in common with Posh and Becks! They’re coming round for tea later in the week. But, alas, I have forbidden him to wear his tweed trousers on the same day that I wear mine.


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