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The cold continues, so I’m still in love with the pleated trouser in winter fabric look. For this project, I used the same pattern as my tweed trousers, this time in a home dec velvet. The backing is cotton, but the pile must be rayon, because it has more sheen than you would get from cotton.

I took some photos of the back of the trousers, as well, but you don’t need to see them. However, in looking at the photos, I saw that the drag lines in the back of the tweed trousers are not present in these velvet ones. I realized that the pattern is drafted to ease the back piece at the inseam, which I did not do for the tweed trousers. I did it for these, and hey, no drag lines!

I tried them on with heels for the photo, but I’m not sure if they will be everyday wear or special trousers. They are machine washable, and they have a deep hem so I can roll them up to wear with flats.

I embroidered a plaice inside the waistband.


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