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katherine h said…
. I wanted to ask a question on an older post of yours, where you showed the negative of your black denim jacket. Do you take your photos digitally? If so, can you tell us how you get a “negative” of a digital photograph. Many thanks, Katherine

I think I am quite clever for doing this, so I’m happy to share my methods. I use Photoshop, because I got accustomed to it many years ago when I worked, and the once you go through the steep learning curve with Photoshop, it’s hard to think about learning another image editing program. I’m sure you can do this with other, less expensive, software, as well.

Open the photo
Choose Image – Mode – Greyscale
Choose Image – Adjustments – Invert

OK, now that I look at the steps involved, I realize that I’m not really all that clever for figuring this out, but there you have it.


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