More Pics and Responses

Many people asked me for more pics of my white linen ensemble, so here they are. I actually took quite a few, but did not initially post them because I don’t like them much. I feel like I learned something from trying to take the photos, so it was not a waste of time, but they did not come out the way I envisioned them. I’m planning on spending more time with the camera and with photoshop to learn how to take better photos.

Carolyn asked:
I have a question, though, are you sewing more now that you’re home?!
It’s hard to tell. I always sew as much as I possible can. I keep thinking that things will settle down and I’ll have more time to sew, but that does not seem to be happening. Maybe things are as settled down as they will ever be. Since my house is bigger here, I now have a sewing room that is big enough to unfold out my entire cutting table, which is nice! However, since my house is bigger here, housework is more time consuming, leaving less time for sewing.

McVal said:
I’ve tagged you with an award on my blog!
Thank you! I appreciate it.


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