Lampshade Skirt

The fabric completely dictated this skirt design. I ordered a fabric bundle from Michael’s Fabrics, and washed all the fabrics as soon as I opened the box. This fabric forms pleats in the washer! My first reaction was to mangle it into submission so it would lay flat as fabric should. Then I thought about it, and realized that pleats might be rather nice. This was also an easy project to work on to get re-acquainted with my equipment that was in storage. I have an industrial machine that my dad fished out of the trash for me a few years ago. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, but it takes some getting used to after using a portable machine when I was in London.

For the hem, I did a bias border of silk organza. I’m hoping that when I wash the skirt, the silk organza will allow the pleats to continue to the hem.

I put a zipper in the skirt pocket. There is no fastener because my fastener collection is currently in a storage container in the Atlantic Ocean. I’ll use a safety pin until all my furniture arrives. The green bit that you can see in the photo is the pocket lining.

Here’s my industrial, a Singer 107W1. It does zig-zag, which is very unusual for an industrial machine. It goes really fast, and I can’t entirely control it yet.

My mangle, which I missed when I was in London. I lived in a small flat there, and there was no room for things like a mangle and an industrial machine. Now, I have a big house in the suburbs, so there’s lots of room for everything.


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