And the Winner Is…

Lisa with “a nursing gown for a baby elephant!”

No sewing happening here yet. I have arrived in New Jersey with the family, and am beyond overwhelmed with all of the large and small tasks that need to be performed.

I got all my stuff out of storage, so I have my mangle and my industrial sewing machine, both of which I missed greatly. There will be more sewing happening soon, I hope.

Oh someone asked about Pattern Magic. It is a Japanese book. I bought it from I’m not all that happy with the service, but I don’t know that would be any better. The book does not include patterns. It has diagrams about how to modify an existing pattern to include the aspects they feature, like a big bow. I’m a very experienced seamstress and have some understanding of pattern making, so I did not have any problem following the diagrams. If you don’t have much sewing or patternmaking experience, this may not be the book for you. But then again, there are worse things to spend your money on.

Couture a la mode asked how much fabric she would need. I cut it on the cross grain because I wanted the stripes to go that way, and I estimate that I used about 3 or maybe even 3.5 yards of fabric. Which is really a lot for a sleeveless dress. Maybe if you cut it on the straight grain, it might be a little more economical.


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