Pleat skirt

Have you ever had the experience of really needing something, and it just falls in your lap? Once, I was in Florence. I had spent my last 10,000 lira on a T-Shirt (this was in pre-Euro days), and I was taking a train in an hour or so. I really wanted a cappuccino, but I did not want to exchange more money because I was leaving Italy. Then, out of nowhere, this guy pops up in front of me and says, “I am Antonio! You have a cappuccino with me!” So I got my cappuccino.

Well, I was thinking about this skirt. I picked the pattern and a heavyweight microfiber twill. But I was really concerned about the darts in the front. If I put darts in the front and on the front facing, that would be a lot of bulk. Then I read this post on Summerset’s blog about the directions on a vintage Vogue pattern. If you have not read it, you really should. One of the details she points out is how they tell you to cut out the middle of the dart on the underlining and put seam tape over to reduce bulk. What a great idea! Presented to me just when I needed it!

facing dart (wrong side)

facing dart (right side)

skirt front

skirt back

Vogue 8518


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