Mystery Fabric Dress and Jacket Buttons

When we were in Barcelona, we took the kids to a fabric shop and told them they could pick out fabric and I would make dresses for them. It turned into a bit of a Project Runway challenge. Make an attractive garment out of fabric chosen by a 5-year-old. Pascale picked 2 fabrics. The first is a red with holes in it which is a mystery to me. It’s definitely a synthetic, maybe it’s a knit. The second is a poly crepe with multicolored circles on a red background. I layered the lacey fabric over the poly crepe, then I treated the fabrics as one. The poly crepe ends above the knee, so there’s some sheerness near the hem. She’s wearing trousers under the dress in the pic, which is not the way I would recommend wearing this dress.

Here’s the back.

The pattern I used is from “Classic and Elegant”. It’s Japanese.

This is the pattern

Here’s a closeup of the button. It was kind of hard to get a good photo and I did not really succeed. The back looks like a regular shank button (with a plastic shank). The raw edges are tucked between the shank bit and the top, so you don’t see them. They look very professional.

As for buttonholes, I do them by hand now. I only have a straight stitch machine. I’m not wild about the look of buttonholes made on a home machine. They look homemade, and not in a good way. I’m thinking that if I have this guy do my buttonholes, they will look very professional.


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