Plaid Jacket Completed

My plaid jacket is completed. It will be a lot of fun to wear this spring/summer. It’s made from a linen plaid in a summery purple/green/orange mix, and some necktie silk in navy with white dots. I had a nice time making it. Matching plaid is always a fun challenge.

The pattern is drafted such that you need rather large shoulder pads. Initially, I put smaller ones in, but it just did not hang right. With the larger pads, it hangs much better. I chose the pattern because I like the darts at the neckline and wanted to see how they would work out. I’m actually not crazy about the dart placement on me. It feels odd to release the fullness at the upper chest.

One thing that I’ll change when I make a jacket with pockets on the chest is to lower them by an inch or maybe 2 inches. They are too high.

I went back to see my centenarian button guy on Thursday, and the buttons are fabulous. They are just perfect on the jacket. Before I walked into the button shop, I looked through the window on the door and he was there, sound asleep in his chair. I rang the bell, which is set at approximately the volume of a police siren, and he jolted awake and told me to come in. As we were completing the transaction, I thought about how it’s nice that he still has employment. If he were sleeping in a nursing home, I would never go to see him there. He is not even all that hampered by his deafness, since everyone who comes in wants to talk about buttons. It’s easy for him to figure out what they want. He does buttonholes, too. Maybe I’ll go there the next time I need some.

Here’s the pattern that I used. I finally found it. It’s Vogue 7753, purchased maybe 6 years ago and probably oop by now.

Here’s a closeup of my famous buttons.

Cuffs. I shortened the sleeve considerably. Does anyone else find Vogue patterns to be drafted for people with freakishly long arms?

Jacket Back.

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