Covered Buttons

For my new jacket, I initially purchased some purple shell buttons, which are quite lovely. Then I brought the unfinished jacket to my London Sewing and Craft meetup. There’s one meetup member who is a retired bespoke tailor and I just love it when he shows up because he has the best advice! The first thing he said when he saw my jacket was, “you’ll be getting covered buttons, obviously.” I immediately saw that my jacket absolutely needs covered buttons.

He told me to go to D.M. Buttons to get the buttons made. This place is on a teeny mews in Soho. Soho is certainly not the den of iniquity that it used to be, but I was still a little leery about going down this very shady-looking street. I found the place, walked to the basement and through the door. I was in a fairly large room with many different buttonhole machines and one guy who is about 90 years old. And deaf. Or maybe he could not understand my accent. Anyway, I managed to pantomime what I wanted. He told me it would take a couple of hours, which I did not have because I had to pick up dd at school, so I’ll be going back there on Thursday. The guy is so old that I wonder if he will still be alive to sell me my buttons on Thursday.

It was such an adventure and it made me realize that I’m finally getting to know London rag trade shops in the way that I know those in New York.

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