Peter Pan Collar

First off, it may appear as if I’m ignoring Carolyn’s question about what pattern I’m using. I’m really not. I traced off the pattern, put the tissue back in the envelope, and the whole pattern vanished. It’s tempting to blame my kids, but they have never shown the slightest interest in patterns before. It will probably turn up when I tidy my sewing room after I finish the project, if not before. It’s a Vogue pattern, and it’s probably OOP. It has a Mandarin collar, so I had to draft the peter pan collar myself.

This is the original collar pattern. I used it to draft the collar stand.

This is the collar pattern that I draped.

I cut 2 collars out of the blue silk, sewed them together, trim/grade/flip/press.

Cutting the plaid. I’m very careful to match the center back to the center back on the jacket. It’s usually a good idea to cut plaid in a single layer. I cut it the size of the collar without Seam allowances.

Baste the plaid to the top collar

Mark the collar 5/8″ from the edge. The plaid should just cover these markings.

Turn the edge of the plaid under, pin.

Stitch the plaid to the silk by hand on the right side.

Plaid stitched on

Add collar stand.

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